A. Essak & Sons Home Textiles  equipped with sheer drive for achieving perfection in every sphere, has  been  moving  from  strength  to strength, since its inception in 1988  by its Founder Proprietor Mr. Yousuf Ismail,   who   is  now   being   supported  by  his  Son Mr. Salman  Yousuf   along   with   a   core   team   of   knowledge   enriched  professionals  across all levels. With around 400 employees,  the  company  forms  a  pool  of  highly  dedicated  and innovative  induviduals   looking  for   excellence  and  above-par   results  at  all  times.  In  a span of 29 years, today has attained a turnover of Rs. 10.8 Crores (US$ 10 Million).

A. Essak & Sons Home Textiles is fully integrated Terry Towelling Unit with capacity of 1,140,000 Kgs Terry Towels per anum. We have state of the art in-house setup of Bedding (Fabrics) stitching with capacity of 40,000 Units Per Month

Our  mission  is  to  produce  value  added  products  of  utmost standard for quality conscious global markets by utilizing the best available knowledge and technology. In our pursuit for global excellence, we   have an  in-house   Weaving,   Dyeing,  Stitching  &  Packing   facilities  to  achieve a consistent  and competitive quality   product.  This   platform    ensures  optimum  quality  at  every  process  stage  to yield the desirable product. A. Essak & Sons firmly  believes  in  utilizing  the  best   available  Human  Resources,  in   order  to acheive  its   mission.  We   are   a   team   of more than 400 highly skilled and dedicated employees involved in designing, developing and manufacturing.

Totally integrated production involves three main processes Weaving, Processing and Finishing.