A. Essak & Sons is internationally certified and possesses a variety of textile certificates to demonstrate its authority and proficiency in producing durable products.


Our textiles are made to the highest standards, ensuring comfort and elegance. Whilst manufacturing, we give quality shape from every sphere! Our company owned a wide assortment of product range and delivers the best-of-the-class home textile products.

Terry Towels


A. Essak & Sons has the best infrastructure, the competence and potential to provide you high-quality products. Our manufacturing method has been vertically integrated to facilitate all manufacturing operations under one roof. This enables us to reduce the time span in completing your the orders.



Warping/Sizing is an initial process to prepare the yarn. The method of applying a protective coating upon the surface of the yarn is termed warping. At our warp operation, we carefully combined the yarns from several cones and made a protective covering.



Weaving is the technique of creating a cloth by interlacing vertical and horizontal threads called warp and weft at accurate angles. Weaving is the most pivotal method of fabric manufacturing; we meticulously interlace warp and weft to make a fabric.



We pay close attention to each stage of manufacturing and ensure high-quality dyeing. We also have our own Dyeing and Bleaching Unit with a capacity of 35,000 lbs. per day and the most up-to-date dying machinery. Reactive/Indanthrene dyes are utilized in the dyeing process as per the customer’s demand.



During the cutting step, we carefully cut the fabric and give the shape as per the finalized pattern. To ensure proper cutting, we complete the design first, then cut the fabric according to the shape and submit it to the sewing and packing step.



We have a separate packing department to examine the products before packing them. We packed products in seaworthy export boxes according to the buyer’s specifications, such as assorted or separated. Then after a thorough analysis, we get the product ready to ship.


A. Essak & Sons Home Textiles equipped with a sheer drive for achieving perfection in every sphere, has been moving from strength to strength, since its inception in 1988  by its Founder Proprietor Mr. Yousuf Ismail,   who is now being supported by his  Son Mr. Salman  Yousuf along with a  core team of knowledge enriched professionals across all levels. With around 400 employees.